Escape to the most captivating destinations, arrive at our entice scenery jungle resort, secluded within lush tropical landscapes and a deep river valley. Kalapa lives, inspires, and reignites your mild. Enjoy an unique enchanting nature. We will take you to the tranquility retreat in Canggu. It’s something you might never have experienced back home



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In line with the wooden floors and exposed ironwood shingles, both generates a delightful balance between rustic luxury and… [Read More]



Named after the house form, it realises a fantasy of a cabin house in the woods. The vernacular house is made entirely of… [Read More]



Furnished with antique Chinese and Javanese furniture, the unique house is large and its high ceilings evokes luxurious living… [Read More]



This refined-meets-rustic house is much influenced by the crafts and the prehistoric Bali. The combination of stones, wood and rattan… [Read More]




With pond streams beneath the wooden rooms, the bubbling sound of the water essentuates the experience of living close to… [Read More]



Named after the oriental form of the house, it consists of two spacious oriental styled rooms. The polished cement floors and… [Read More]



The simplistic yet luxurious house features two quaint rooms with hand painted rustic wall. Surrounded by ricepaddys… [Read More]



The white wooden walls convey the post-colony influenced times, the rooms are spacious and airy. The generous living… [Read More]




With river streams beneath the wooden terrace, the sound of water accentuates the experience of living blend to nature. The house is designed to overlook private pool and the river. The spacious open-air bath with shower, terrazzo bath tub overlooks to river, wooden furniture, crafted local stone, handmade decorations create classic yet romantic impression… [Read More]


Opening Hour 08:00 – 23:00

Housed under a Joglo, expect a cultural experience and exciting Asian cuisines to follow. We offer full range of modern Asian food and drinks, with Bali’s remarkable garden view. Be sure to see our extensive menu and be pampered.


Practising yoga is a way of getting closer to one’s self. The yoga sessions are a soft approach to what may become part of your daily routines. Through yoga, people from around the world have reached incredible results in balancing the body, mind and spirit, therefore achieving more focus and being more in control over their life’s daily events.

Yoga Session starts everyday from 11:00 – 12:00

Yoga Schedulle

Monday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

Start your week with a smooth ashtanga based heart opening flow; focusing on chest opening, back tension, and lung capacity.


Tuesday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

A special modified sequence of the 1. series and proper breathing of Ashtanga Yoga to experience, start and deepen your Ashtanga practice.


Wednesday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

Focus on stretch and strength the particular muscles and train your breath, not only for surfers.


Thursday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

A gentle ashtanga based hip opening flow, building strength and flexibility and release all the tension caught in the hips.


Friday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

A special modified sequence of the 1. series and proper breathing of Ashtanga Yoga to experience, start and deepen your Ashtanga practice.


Saturday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

Coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.


Sunday (11:00 am & 17.00 pm)

A combinations of Prana Yana, Asanas, and Saw Asana movements.

* Ashtanga Yoga is an old traditional yoga, founded in India. It cleanses the body and mind, build strength and flexibility in the body and detoxifying the body and nervous system.
* Hatta Yoga is a branch of yoga that emphasizes physical exercises to master the body along with mind exercises to withdraw it from external objects


Our spa offers a myriad of treatments based on the Balinese Hindus philosophy that all must be kept in balance and be in harmony. Our staff will kindly arrange a treatment in your room and be pampered.


An enticing scent of exotic aromas lies in the air, a gentle sea breezes waft through the bright rooms of the sanctuary.

Welcome to the over SVA Spa.

Accompanied by the meditative whoosh of the lapping waves, body and soul embark on a holistic journey of absolute relaxation. SVA Spa reveals holistic therapies that go far beyond those of a typical spa experience. Inspired by various rejuvenating practices of different cultures, techniques and philosophies, SVA Spa will enchant you with a selected spa portfolio bound to deliver a perfect wellness experience.


RELAXING MIRACLE BODY MASSAGE                     90 MNS / 450

A deeply relaxing full body massage, the combination of breathing techniques with enriching rhythmic massage will awaken your senses and revitalize your body.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                     90 MNS / 450

Ideal for those who want with strong massage. This exclusive massage features all of signature technique to the best target individual needs. Pressure focused especially on back area, release stress and muscular tension. The treatment provides a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience together with organic product to enhance well being and reduce stress.

SIGNATURE BODY MASSAGE                           90 MNS / 475

Exotic, Rejuvenating and the Chinese method pressure point techniques. Deep pressure massage long strokes deliver to the inner layer of muscles and connect tissue to ease tightly-held tension. It helps to release toxins, stimulate blood flow and this delivers fresh oxygen and nutrient to the muscles to help them repair and improve their condition.

AROMATHERAPHY MASSAGE                         90 MNS / 450

A warm aroma blend infused with circulation – boosting essential oils. Combined with a relaxing massage to alleviate deep – seated tension. A refreshing organic warm oil is applied during the massage, leaving your entire body tingling with invigorated vitality.

MIRACLE HOT STONE MASSAGE                   90 MNS / 499

The healing power of massage. A full body massage starting with traditional massage and then continues with warm stones glide across body in long, flowing strokes, the heat help to relax the muscles and has shooting effect on your emotion. Stone positioned on the various energy body point to develop the healing potential.


FOOT REFLEXOLOGY                                         60 MNS / 359

Reflexology is a Chinese acupressure method that includes massage specially on your leg and pressure on the strategic points of the feet to help body regenerate itself.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE                                     90 MNS / 489

A nurturing massage using warm organic oil that are safe for your and baby. Mom can lay face down in our pregnancy bolster or on her side, whatever she feels more comfortable doing. Treatment can alleviate tension in lower and upper back, swelling in legs and feet whilst easing you mind and uplifting your spirit.





JAVANESSE BODY SCRUB                                 60 MNS / 325

A natural organic blend of rice powder turmeric extract with jasmine olive oil and camphor organic ingredients which gently exfoliates before your body is covered with lashings of enriching organic body mask. The result is soft, supple, and fragrant skin.

GREENTEA SENSATION BODY SCRUB                      60 MNS / 325

With it is excellent antioxidant and soothing properties, the Green Tea Anti-aging body scrub moisturizes and hydrates dry, flaking or ageing skin while eliminating dead skin cells revealing healthy and glowing skin.


This traditional scrub has super moisturizing benefits for the skin. It uses natural organic body scrub with palm sugar to gently exfoliate the body and leave it feeling silky and smooth.

TROPICAL BOREH BALI SCRUB                                  60 MNS / 325

A new experience our jungle sensation. This body treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin and it will radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Boreh is good for blood circulation and alleviates joint pain.




NATURAL ALOE VERA FACIAL                                   60 MNS / 359

This deep cleansing facial includes a specially formulated mask using ingredients from aloe Vera product. Aloe Vera is packed with aloe Vera planting, vitamin, and minerals, making it an ideal ingredient to hydrate and rejuvenate dry, mature skin.

ORGANIC TROPICAL FACIAL                          60 MNS / 379

A new experience face treatment uses primary organic ingredient. This facial specially formulated for after sun exposure, sensitive skin. The result for this face treatment makes a soft your skin and natural glowing.

DELUXE PEDICURE                                             75 MNS / 325

This soothing therapy especially for the feet includes a relaxing foot bath, exfoliation, coconut mask, foot and leg moisturizer, cuticle removal, shaping, buffing, and application nail color.

DELUXE MANICURE                                            60 MNS / 299

This special treatment for the hands and nails includes with shaping, buffing, exfoliation, coconut mask, cuticle removal, intense moisturizer and application of color.




USADA BALI PACKAGE                                      150 MNS 799 / PERSON

Usada is a Balinese word mean medicine or remedy. Good for clients that have stiff or sore muscles. We use a range technique from movement release trigger point lymphatic drainage, deep muscles work. Release to allow you better detoxification and muscles release. This treatment includes with:

  • Energizing foot bath
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Bali boreh body wrap
  • Balinese Spice island bath
  • Ginger lemongrass organic tea

SUN BURN RELIEF SENSATION                                   120 MNS 599 / PERSON

A new experience with special treatment designed to fight against sun burn and the ageing of the skin. After your day spent in the sun, come and enjoy our special sun lover to calm, soothe and rehydrate your skin.

This treatment includes:

  • Lavender cooling body wash for gentle cleansing
  • Cucumber and honey body conditioner, for cooling and soothing.
  • Ice bath sensation
  • Cooling body lotion to ease sun burn, prevent skin peeling and to lock in the moisture.





COCONUT SECRET BEAUTY                             150 MNS 699 / PERSON

The unique sensation and tone your body with our coconut scrub, which is particularly rich in vitamin and antioxidant. This treatment include with:

  • Relaxing full body massage
  • Organic coconut body scrub
  • Organic coconut milk mask
  • Natural face cleansing
  • Flower bath
  • Herbal Javanese drink

TANTRA PACKAGE                                              699 / PERSON

The unique sensation especially for honeymoon. This special package is designed for couple especially to get a romantic sensation. This treatment includes with:

  • Aromatherapy full body massage
  • Javanese body scrub
  • Organic body musk
  • Organic face cleansing
  • Romantic flower bath
  • Tropical juice




SHIRODARA                                                                       90 MNS / 899

In Sanskrit, “SHIR” means head and “DHARA” means flux. This treatment inspired from India. An ideal person with sleeping problem. Adapting to the ancient Indian ritual this treatment start with relaxing aroma chologie full body massage, then followed by hair and scalp massage using our authentic shanty oil transformative experience when a flow of warm oil slowly poured into your forehead which will stimulates the third eye chakras.

AYURVEDIC JOURNEY                                      120 MNS / 999

An ideal person with high level stress or poor sleep patterns. It starts with aromatherapy relaxing massage use with warm oil to simulate blood circulation and relieve stress, followed by shanty oil work slowly on your forehead and third eye chakras. This Ayurvedic journey induces a blissful state of serenity and expanded consciousness.


Yoga Package

Surfing Package

Honeymoon Package

Family & Friends Package


Ecofriendly Wooden Houses

Kalapa houses are uniquely designed by wood. Most of the structure and furniture are made of teak wood. All houses are beautifully decorated with rugs, batik cushion and furniture made of wood.

2 Outdoors Pools and Spa

Kalapa Resort is completed with 2 big pools with rice field view and river view. Our staffs will provide guests pool towels and any needs. Floats are available upon request.

We handle spa therapies carefully to give the best treatment to our guest. Spa can be done in front of the pool or garden or your room to give different experiences.

Family and Kids

Kalapa resort is perfect for families and children. Our staffs will be happy to help to coordinate all of your families’ needs. We carefully find and select great qualities of Baby Cot, Baby Stroller, Baby Sitter for our guests.

Rasa Restaurant

Rasa Restaurant offers variety type of Cuisines: Balinese, Thailand, Indonesian, and International. Every day, we provide a complimentary afternoon tea for all guests to taste our traditional tea and snacks.

High Speed Internet

Entire property is equipped with fast internet connections and strong signals of WIFI. All internet access can be connected from your bed to our pools. It is available free of charge.

Airport Transfer

Kalapa offers a complimentary airport pick up upon arrival to guests who stays more than 3 nights in any our houses. Our guests are ensure treated to the highest service from the moment, they reach in Bali. (On Direct Booking Only)

Shuttle Services

Shuttle service is available on schedule, Free of charge only to Canggu Beach Area (Echo Beach, Batu Bolong, Nelayan, etc) . Our butlers will carefully drive you to requested location with a private car.

Yoga House

Any guests can relax in our yoga house; play traditional instrument, have conversations with other guests, take a rest with music around. Yoga Class are available free of charges every day at 8:00 in the morning.

Activities, Tours, and Excursions

Kalapa’s concierge service provides guests with a range of tours, activities, in and out house experiences at local prices. Our staffs are committed to working only with the best person or companies to ensure the best experience during the stay.






High Season

06 Feb – 11 Feb 2017
25 Mar – 01 Apr 2017
16 Jun – 31 Aug 2017

Peak Season

21 Dec – 08 Jan 2018

Rates Include

  • Complimentary Daily Breakfast
  • Complimentary Daily Yoga
  • Complimentary Daily Afternoon Tea
  • Complimentary Welcome Drink upon Arrival
  • Complimentary Fruit Basket Upon Arrival
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access
  • Complimentary Shuttle service to Canggu Area

Rates Policy

  • Check-In at 2:00 PM
  • Check-Out at 12:00 PM
  • 24-hour Front Desk & Security
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Ages 12 and above is considered as an adult
  • Rates are included 21% govt. tax and service charge

Extra Bed Policy

  • There is a surcharge of Rp 600,000 net per night for Adult for an extra bed
  • There is a surcharge of Rp 350,000 net per night for (1) Child for an extra bed
  • There is a surcharge of Rp 600,000 net per night for (2) Children for an extra bed
  • Extra Bed occupies max 1 adult or max 2 children
  • Extra bed Includes daily breakfast
  • Baby cot is available at Rp 250,000 net per night

Cancelation Policy

  • 1st (first) night non-refundable deposit to be charged upon booking and the balance of payment is available to be settled upon your arrival.
  • If no show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.
  • Your credit card details are only used to guarantee your booking.
  • Full payment will be done at the hotel.


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We guarantee that you will get the best available rate when you book on our official website. If you do find a lower rate within 24 hours of making your reservation, we will be very happy to match them and we will also give you an interesting bonus.

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Our official website showcase exclusive rate and unique offers that you won’t find anywhere else.



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We guarantee that you will get the best available rate when you book on our official website. If you do find a lower rate within 24 hours of making your reservation, we will be very happy to match them and we will also give you interesting bonus directly.


Terms and conditions:

  • We ensure that you will get the best rate when you book on our official website.
  • Find lower rate and we will give you interesting bonus.
  • You must have a confirmed booking made via our official website
  • A claim must be submitted within 24 hours of making your reservation and at least 7 (seven) working days before standard check-in time
  • The rate must be available at the same room/villa category, same dates, same length of stay, same number of guests, same cancellation policies and same terms and conditions.
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Does not apply to:

  • Package rates (e.g. rates that include a combination of room and airfare or other packages).
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  • This place is like a high-end Bali plantation. The buildings are modelled after traditional Balinese houses & farm buildings. Materials are all natural & recycled, & every detail is perfect. Features two pools, one on a hill looking out over a rice paddy. It has big green plants hovering over the edge so you can hide from the sun. The other one, a traditional Balinese pool with water-spouting stone statue & a resting pagoda. The grounds are beautiful with a bridge over a stream & stone steps & plantings everywhere.

  • We love this hotel. It is small and inviting and so lovely. Our room is a cabin with a bedroom and large bathroom. When we open the door, we see a “mosquito netting” structure above our bed, which is tied in a manner to make it look like a bedchamber fit for royalty. So lovely. The dark wooden furniture is very nice and goes well with the high cathedral open-beamed ceiling. The chifforobe holds the robes, slippers, hair dryer, and safe, and of course space to hang clothes.

  • Good choice to stay in canggu, located quite away from main street, very nice place to stayed Good view and garden also the landscape Restaurant with rice field view they serve asian food very very tasty We do hope to see you again soon kalapa.

    Lynda P
    Lynda P
  • This resort feels like you are in Ubud with lots of trees, and plants. The weather is very nice in the morning. The service and food are good. Staffs here are so polite. We will come back again. Very satisfied

    Lisa (United States)
    Lisa (United States)
  • The traditional Joglo house was very cool and the massive terrace balcony was relaxing with an elevated view over 'our' pool. The Shambala Suite was an impressive space and beautifully appointed, loved it !

    Robert (Australia)
    Robert (Australia)





Bali is known for its distinctive culture, where diverse and sophisticated art forms flourish. The scenic landscape and distinctive culture of Bali is second to none. The Island of Gods that inspires countless painters and artists who seeks tranquility, closer to searching true beauty of life.


Canggu is a coastal village, it lies approximately 10 kilometers north of the hustle and bustle of Kuta and present a much more relaxing atmosphere of dining, cultural and beach activities. Embraced by numerous rice terraces and famous breaks, Canggu has become a destination for the search of tranquility.



What are the benefits of staying at our resort?
4,400 sqm resort + 2 Big Pools with Rice field View
Spacious Tropical Garden
Full staff assistance + Butler Service
Welcome Drink + Tropical Fruits
Complimentary Shuttle Transport To Canggu Beach Area
Complimentary Bicycle
Complimentary Daily Yoga
Hi-speed Wi-Fi Internet
Healthy Breakfast
Is there air conditioning in the bedrooms?
King Size Bed
Ensuite Bathroom with Full Sets of Amenities
Terrace / Balcony
Television + International Channels + DVD/CD Player
Minibar & Fridge
Shower & Bathtub
Towel + Soap
Electronic Safe
WIFI Internet Access
We will need an airport pick up, does Kalapa arrange a driver and what is the cost?
Kalapa Resort provides a complimentary airport pick up, if guests stay more than 3 nights at any room of our houses. We will send our personal butler to pick up the guest timely. The cost of airport pick-up is Rp 300,000.
We will need Scooter rent, does Kalapa help to arrange and what is the cost?
Yes, our staffs will help to find a good quality of scooter. The cost of rent is Rp 90,000 / day.
We want to go to Echo Beach, How far is it and how to get there?
It is only 10 mins away from our resort to get to Echo Beach. We have an complimentary drop off shuttle services to Canggu Beaches.